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01/01/2021 - Happy New Year of the Ox!


For all of us at The Core, this new year has been reigned in with a sense of relief and hope. After all, what could be worse then the hailstorm on our industry in 2020? While the service industry has suffered one of the most unexpected downturns in decades, at the same time it has made entrepreneurs more resourceful, more creative, and more resilient then ever.

Times of crises also are subtle reminders to be grateful for what we have. The Core family has been tremendous in supporting each other through this period, and are looking forward to getting back to work and doing what we do best. Serving the food we love, bringing smiles to our customers' faces and welcoming a new era of growth.

We wish all our partners, suppliers and guests an abundant and prosperous 2021Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our latest updates. 


01/12/2020 - Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest restrictions on alcohol-serving, all Core restaurants with the exception of Vaquera Verde will remain closed indefinitely. 

VV will reopen on January fifth to the public. You can also support the business by buying gift cards, mezcal and tequila tasting packages and brunch packages here.

01/05/2020 - Covid-19 Update

Its been a glorious past few weeks as Oslo has finally reopened. Our three venues Way Down South, Vaquera Verde and Gressholmen Kro have outdoor seating for between one - two hundred guests. Check out FB and IG for the latest menus, promotions and info!

We are also hiring new talent for the summer, and intake for the Fall season! We have open applications for both front and back of house. Send a cover letter and CV to ann(@)the-core.no.